Kaia’s Tooth Story

t ttSo, my sweet little Kaia has a new “one front tooth” look that you most likely have noticed. The story behind what happened to her left tooth is pretty simple—she fell, and her tooth was knocked out. However, there is a much longer story to what happened and what I have learned from the experience.

It all started a few days ago when I decided that I wanted to step back from my outer purpose, and really focus on my inner purpose of freeing my mind. I planned on meditating, being mindful in my daily activities, and putting all of my current projects on hold. I wanted to find peace, to stop thinking so much, and to find tools to stay in the moment.

I don’t like to admit it, but I am not as mindful as I like to think I am. For example, I can get SO deep into my projects that I ignore what is happening right NOW. It’s a habit that I have had most of my life. Before I had a family, I would become so engrossed in my artwork that I would barely eat for days. I didn’t even want to take ten minutes away from my artwork to eat!

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