My Kids Story book is NOW AVAILABLE!! (yay!)

Hi Friends,

Today is the day! My kids story book “The Adventures of Ripe Fruit” finally hits the shelves!

Well, not literally (since it isn’t going to be in book stores); however, it is NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon, Amazon UK, and the Create Space online book store!! This is so exciting for me. It has been a long, boring winter, and drawing this book really kept my spirits alive. As I dreamt of a faraway, tropical escape, in the dead of winter… this book was being manifested.

kSo what is the book about? The book follows a cartoon Kaia as she imagines that her fruit comes alive and they explore a tropical island. They experience the joy of life, and the beauty of nature.

While this book is a book for vegan families (and ANY family that loves fruit) it doesn’t teach children about the vegan message.

I wanted this book to be all inclusive, and to focus on showing children the joy of life, (rather than trying to teach children something). I feel that too many children story books are designed to teach children something (like shapes, colors, numbers, sharing, or other life lessons, and so on). Sometimes kids just need to sit down and read a book with no strings attached.

Life is about joy, and kids should see examples of this in more story books… to simply have fun, play, make friends, use their imaginations, be silly, dance, swim, explore, and to eat healthfully.

Another thing that I love about the book is that it normalizes the vegan (or raw vegan) lifestyle. You don’t see many kids book where a child sits down to eat a banana, and a big salad. :p

One more fun fact is that I was able to let the story unfold on its own. I didn’t plan out each page, or write the story and then create illustrations to go with it. I would simply open my sketch pad, start drawing, and see what came out of me. It was a beautiful experience that I am so happy to share with you!

Every page is hand drawn by me. I wrote, drew, scanned, edited, formatted, proofed, and published it 100% alone. It was more work than I thought it would be, but it is FINALLY here and I am so happy that you will get to enjoy it! I truly thank you for your purchase! Every penny made will go towards our families’ grocery budget, and we will be able to buy more organic fruits and veggies!

To see the book, and hear me talk a bit more on it, watch this video:

You can check out our book store to purchase the book at (or click the “book store” tab above!)

If you want to take advantage of the Create Space 20% OFF discount code go to and enter in coupon code WE7358HM  at check out! 🙂


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Please take photographs of you kiddos reading the book and send them to me, or post on Instagram…I would love to see them!! & I will share a few!

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