8 Weird Ways My Body Changed AFTER Pregnancy

pregOh the joys of pregnancy.

We all know the normal stereotypical pregnancy “symptoms” & many of us have experienced them. The nausea, vomiting, fatigue, hemorrhoids, sore breasts… I don’t need to remind you… But no one really talks about the weird ways our bodies change AFTER pregnancy.

So, here’s what happened to me…

#1 Sensitive teeth – This one started happening while I was pregnant, and never went away. Another way that pregnancy affected my teeth is that my wisdom teeth started breaking through during my pregnancy. After I delivered the baby the wisdom teeth stopped growing, and now they are half way grown in (and causing no pain- but I have to get them removed soon).

#2 Stomach muscles split– If you’re really lucky (like me) you will get diastasis recti after your pregnancy. Which basically means your stomach muscles are separated, and you have to do special exercises to put them back together.

#3 Rib cage flare – One day, months postpartum, I was laying down and noticed my rib was sticking up really high. The left rib was sticking up way higher than the right one. After a google search I found a lot of women’s rib cages move after pregnancy. My chiropractor wasn’t surprised at all, and said “It happened because your baby kicked you!” But, I had no idea that my rib cage would flare up!

#4 Stretch marks – This is probably one of the more common post-pregnancy changes. But for me, I didn’t get any stretch marks on my stomach. I only had stretch marks on my breasts (which went away after about a year). I didn’t expect that. (It could also be from when they grew into melons during my painful engorgement when my mature milk came in.)

#5 Darker hair – I don’t know if it’s just a coincidence, but ever since my pregnancy my hair has been getting darker & darker. I used to have fairly light blonde hair, but now (14 months post-pardum) it’s nearly dark brown. It has never been naturally this dark.

#6 Scar tissue  – Any woman who had a vaginal birth can tell you their vagina never feels the same. For me, I have scar tissue that took a long while to feel better. Sex was painful for nearly 10 months post-partum.

#7 Moles, Moles, Moles! – While I was pregnant, many of my moles swelled up like an inflated balloon. Then, after I delivered Kaia they deflated. Which, I later found out was normal due to the high blood volume while pregnant. Another thing that happened was that I got several NEW moles. Which, again, after a visit to my dermatologist I found out was something normal that happens while pregnant.  (However, always get those moles checked… just incase!)

#8 Gas bubbles are never the same – ok well this one is off topic. But I had to mention it. Every time I have a little gas bubble I remember back to when Kaia used to move around in my belly. Sometimes It makes me go a crazy & consider having a second baby (good thing I have all these wonderful reminders why it’s not a good idea!) 😉



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