We use All Terrain Herbal Armor Insect Repellant for Kids on our whole family. It works really well and doesn't contain deet. We were hesitant to use any repellant at all, but then Kaia started having severe reactions to the bites and we decided to go ahead and use it.
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    First, I would like to say that in a perfect world, where we could eat organic produce from rich soil, right from the earth, and get an abundance of sunshine year round we wouldn't need supplementation. However, because we eat produced picked many days before we eat it, our food is grown in depleted soils, and we live(d) in a cold climate without much sunshine we decided to supplement. When I was still breastfeeding frequently (up to 21 months old) I made sure to supplement b12 myself so that I would pass it to her in my breastmilk. As Kaia nursed less I started giving her one spray of B12, 1-2 times a week. We used The Garden of Life “MyKind Organics” B12 Spray. A few months later we switched brands due to a recommendation by a friend that we trusted. We now use Global Healing Center VeganSafe B-12 a few times a week. I want to mention that b12 is a trouble vitamin in ALL sorts of diets (yes even in meat eaters) because most cows don't graze anymore and because our soil is depleted of b12. The only reason b12 is in meat is because the animals were supplemented. This isn't only a vegan issue. It's a world issue. We also supplement Zinc. We use Eidon Brand Liquid Zinc. In the past we supplemented with vitamin D until we moved to the tropics. We used Garden of Life MyKind Organics Vitamin D3 (Vegan) . Note: There is a “not intended for children” note on supplements, so make your own decisions based on what you are comfortable with.
    Yes. I take Global Healing Center B12 supplement everyday, and also Zinc (I use Eidon brand liquid zinc). I make sure to eat barley grass juice powder, and spirulina in my smoothies everyday as well. When I was pregnant I took MegaFoods “Baby and Me" Prenatal Multi-Vitamin.
    We have to remember that our children will go through a very similar transitioning process as we do. They will crave the processed foods. They will want the high sugar/salt/oil content in processed foods for a long while. Even though we want what is best for them, and have high standards, the truth is that they are only human. Just like us. So, we have to be patient. Without getting into too much detail, here are a few tips to help them transition:
      • Start with a smoothie/fruit in the morning, and let them know they can still eat (insert craving: pretzels, pizza, etc) later.
      • Make their foods look processed (example: cut a banana into coins, top with cinnamon, coconut flakes, and hemp seeds, and call it a "Banana Cookie”)
      • Let them be involved! Make their foods with them! I find that Kaia drinks her smoothies better if she makes them with me. I let her peel the bananas, and turn on the Vitamix. She loves it!
      • Add a little bit of salt/oil to their veggies, and over time decrease the amount until none. This will help transition them away from their salt/oil cravings and get them accustomed to eating their veggies.
      • If you have to, add some coconut sugar to their fruit, and do the same as above (decreasing the amount over time until none).
      • Don’t use sweets, like chocolate, as a reward for good behavior. This sets children up to crave sweets as a way to feel good about themselves.
      • Eat healthy foods with them, and in front of them. Be the example!
      • Show them a video of Kaia eating! Sometimes Kaia will watch a video of her drinking a smoothie, and then gets in the mood to drink a smoothie! The power of suggestion!
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    pregYes. However, I was not eating very healthfully. At the time I was still transitioning and eating mostly processed vegan substitute foods (like veggie burgers, pasta, pizza, etc). I also had extreme nausea and wasn’t able to eat much of anything at all. I ate mostly wheat products, apples, peanut butter, and strawberries. Unfortunately, I am not a good example of a healthy vegan pregnancy. If I were eating a whole, raw foods diet at the time I probably would have had a healthier pregnancy. I was doing my best at the time.    
    I feel that whether or not someone vaccinates their child is personal. I also believe that every parent should have the right to make an informed choice if they want to vaccinate their children or not. There is enough research to rightfully make parents question whether vaccines are safe, or even effective.fam When I was pregnant I did my research on this matter, and came to a decision that I felt comfortable with. Which is the only thing we can do as parents: Research thoroughly, and then follow our instincts. When making this decision we have to remember to factor in our lifestyle choices (like whether or not the baby will be full-term breastfed, attend daycare, or if the foods we feed them promote a healthy immune system). If you don’t agree with the vaccine schedule as it is; you can choose to do a slowed-down schedule, or to not vaccinate at all. I recommend reading "The Vaccine Book" by Dr. Robert Sears. In this book he goes over the CDC recommended vaccination schedule. He thoroughly explains each vaccine, and each disease it tries to protect the body against (including statistics on your child having a severe vaccine side effect VS the chance of a severe case of the illness). He presents the information from a mostly non-biased place, and lets you make your own decision. http://www.askdrsears.com/topics/health-concerns/vaccines/inside-vaccine-book
    It's a very long story. That's why I had to write an e-book. 🙂 Get the e-book here!