Past Projects

This video was originally called “The Human Experience” but as I was receiving photos I was inspired to add a self love element. So it became our human experience as we are healing and learning to love ourselves. I cried while editing it. Hearing the stories of everyone who submitted their photos was beautiful and humbling. I feel proud of the project, and I hope many people love it.

From Self-Loathing to Self-Love | We Are One Healing Humanity

Future Videos

I am looking for submissions for future projects on the following topics: family life, and self-love.

The photos that I am looking for are your favorite photos of yourself and your family. Some of the topics that can be covered are:


1. Birth – I’m looking for photos of mothers/fathers holding their new born babies. I would like the photos to showcase the emotions on the persons face. So be sure to send your best ones! I am also looking for birth videos, if you are willing to share.

2. Death – This is a silent thing that we will all experience. And, usually, there are not photographs of it. If you have a photo of someone mourning at a grave stone, or at a funeral this can work to portray this part of life.

3. War & Peace – If you are in the military (and are able to share) a photo of you/your partner leaving family to serve OR any photo YOU feel captures what it means to serve. I am looking for military of all countries to portray our human oneness.

4. Happiness – Photographs or videos of action filled moments that are blissful (jumping off of rocks, laughing, blowing bubbles, etc.) This really can be anything that YOU remember enjoying and have a great photo of.

5. Sadness – This is a harder one to capture because we usually don’t photograph this. If you have a video or photo that can fit this (crying, heartbreak, etc) please send it! I will probably not be getting many from this category.

6. Love – Wedding photos please! Of all kinds of love! If you’re not married send your favorite photo with your loved one.

7. Family – Family photos!

8. Childhood – Your favorite videos/photos of your children playing and being joyful OR a vintage photo of YOU as a child!

9. Old age – Your favorite videos/photos of the elderly in your life being wise, and joyful 🙂

10. YOU! – Send me your favorite photograph of you! (I’m looking for a moment of you being you!)


REQUIREMENTS: ALL entrees must be in a landscape format (or will look OK when cropped to landscape), and decent quality.
They do NOT have to be High Quality, however, the entrees that are of best quality/convey the most emotion will get more screen time.

You can send me photos/videos from one topic, or two topics, or ALL of the topics. However many entrees you want to submit is good with me!

I will do my best to use all of the entrees depending on how many I receive.

ENTREE DEADLINE: September 15th, 2017



Send an email to:
With the subject: “VIDEO PROJECT”
Copy & Paste the following into the message…

1. Your name, and location:

2. Do I have permission to use your photo/video for public display in my YouTube Video?

3. Do you want credit for your photo/video (this will be in the description box of the video)?

4. If so, would you like your full name to be displayed or an Instagram name (@janesmith)?

5. ATTACH your photo & share the story of it if you wish to


Thank you SO much, I feel so so much love for these projects and having you apart of it makes it complete. I literally couldn’t do this without you! I can’t wait to see your entrees!