Aloha, it’s Sara. Thank you for stopping by! Maybe you got here through my YouTube channel, or my Instagram, or some other way…and thats awesome! Welcome and thank you for taking your time to read this.

I’m finding a balanced life and I feel compelled to share it incase it resonates with anyone. In my past I suffered from severe anxiety disorder, and seasonal depression (SAD). I wasn’t happy in my life situation. And, the worst part of it all was that I didn’t like myself. I would go as far to say that I hated myself, actually.

Ten years ago I never imagined that I would live my dream life in Hawaii, eat vegan, be a mother to an amazing daughter, be make-up free, have a healthy relationship with food, or end my seasonal depression and crippling anxiety attacks. I never even set out to do these things…but this is the life I am living.

All of this happened because I learned to follow my heart/gut. I learned that I was the writer of my own life (well, I have some say it in at least). I’m healing, and I want to help you heal too.

In my blogs I talk about our family’s lifestyle. We practice conscious parenting, co-sleeping, full-term breastfeeding, believe in all things holistic, home schooling, plant based/vegan living, and using gentle discipline. I am also passionate about inner child healing, realizing our own self loathing to live a more genuine, authentic and fulfilling life. I hope to post more on this as I find more time freedom.

In 2015 we sold everything that we owned and moved to Maui to chase a dream. It was a crazy adventure that was full of bliss and pain. If you are interested in Hawaii living, and inspiration on following your dreams, you may be interested in my new e-book all about what it was like for us to chase this dream to Hawaii. You can find the e-book in my book store.

I’m an introverted, and private personality so putting myself on social media is a stretch for me. Yet, it’s something I feel a calling to do. I am the type of person who goes deep. I pour my soul out for all to see on the internet. It’s a scary thing to do.

I create content on YouTube, write blogs/e-books, and post on Instagram to help others realize they are not alone. I am hoping that by sharing those experiences it will touch and inspire others.

I enjoy writing, fiction writing, creating videos, photography, and design. Expressing myself, and showing authenticity is important to me.

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